Airman Spotlight: Senior Airman Chad Bowen

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Sean Campbell
  • 142nd Wing / Public Affairs

“My favorite part of Emergency management is its multi-faceted,” said Senior Airman Bowen, a 142d Civil Engineer Squadron emergency management Airman. “There are tons of things we need to know and be smart about.”

As a member of Emergency Management, Bowen handles inventory and care for equipment. This includes Joint Chemical Agent Detectors, hazmat equipment, and the care of the Portland Air National Guard Mobile Emergency Operations Center (MEOC).

“The MEOC is a large trailer that is used as a mobile command area  in support of Hazmat Response or other type of emergency we may have to respond to,” said Bowen 

Another aspect of Bowens job in the Air National Guard is making sure Airmen are up to date on their Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear Environment (CBRNE) training by teaching the course, ensuring that members of the 142nd Wing have right information and know what to do in the event of one of these incidents occurring. 

“I got to go around and meet the different shops before I picked Emergency Management. I knew I wanted to do a job that was more hands on where I got to move around,” said Bowen. “At the time I was also trying to do emergency response as a civilian and knew this would have some good parallels.”

Bowen joined the Oregon Air National Guard four years ago and has since worked full time at the Portland Air National Guard Base under the 142nd Wing. 

Outside of EM, Bowen has used his experience in the ORANG as a catalyst to help his local community by providing support for the Salem Fairgrounds vaccine site during the COVID-19 pandemic and by being a volunteer for Operation Plan Smokey. More commonly referred to as OPLAN Smokey, this operation allows members of the Guard to help support Oregon Fire Fighters by aiding in fire control measures during fire season.

“OPLAN Smokey is my favorite thing I have done for the Guard!” said Bowen. “It gets you outside, the work is very hard but the environment is beautiful and the views are wonderful. I’ve met people in the Army Guard and Air Guard out there and met many interesting people.” 

When not at work, Bowen describes himself as an avid outdoorsman.

“I like the outdoors and I try to get outside whenever I can,” said Bowen. “I’m big into hunting…if I’m not working you could probably find me running around in the woods somewhere.” 

“The best thing about being in the Guard is the people I work with. The teamwork within our shop, around base, and how everyone works towards the tasks at hand with a good attitude makes it .”