Public Affairs

Our mission is to promote the accomplishments of the 142nd Wing and the members to internal and external audiences; doing so with vigor, spirit and professionalism. It is our responsibility and privilege to bring the most accurate representation to the reader and represent The United States Military. Your needs, in support of our unit mission, are top priority.


Tour Request

The 142nd Wing is dedicated to providing educational opportunities to the public on our role in our nation's defense. We offer guided tours of our aircraft, base facilities and functions on a quarterly basis.

Tours are limited to 60 total guests and are intended for ages 10 and up. To submit a request for one of our tour dates, please complete this form and email it to the Public Affairs Office no later 30 days in advance of the tour date. Slots fill up fast, so get your request in early! We look forward to meeting you!


 August 14, 2024- FULL

October- TBD



Honor Guard Requests

Please visit the Base Honor Guard Team page. 


Request Guest Speaker

Portland's 142nd Wing Speaker's Bureau provides service members an opportunity to connect with the local community. Likewise, it gives community members a chance to learn more about who we are, the military and the Wing's missions.

Members of the Speakers Bureau are available to speak on a variety of topics sucha as Air National Guard career opportunities, aviation, history, leadership skills, etc.

To request a speaker, please submit a Support Request Form DD Form 2536 and e-mail the PA Office. You can also call us to discuss details (503)335-4104.

Armed Forces Participation in Public Events

The 142nd Wing supports the participation of our Airmen in public events. This participation should further the understanding of the unit's mission and the community as a whole.

·Participation must be in a noninterference basis, and minimize interference with normal training or operations.
·Use of government facilities at the governments expense for non DoD-civilians is prohibited.
·Providing handouts, speeches and other forms of promotion of the group's objectives is prohibited.

Submit all requests for participation in a public event to the 142nd Wing's Public Affairs Office using DD Form 2536.

Flyover and Static Display Requests

How do I request a Flyover or Static Display?

To have your patriotic holiday observance or aviation-related event, such as an air show, considered for fly-over or static display support, please follow these steps:

In order for us to consider your event, you must first gain Pentagon approval by going to the Air Force aerial events website. Follow the steps online to complete a DD Form 2535, Request for Aerial Support.

With your portion of the form completed and printed out, please send your request to the appropriate FAA Flight Standards District Office for air space approval. 

Send your FAA approved request back to SAF via the address provided by SAF.

Once you have received a SAF-PAN approval number, you may contact the 142d Wing Public Affairs office to request support of your event. Please include all pertinent information including Name, event, location, date and time of event, and approval number.

Public Affairs will guide you through the remainder of the process. It is important to keep in mind that although you have received Pentagon approval, ultimate participation approval is determined by 142nd Wing leadership based on available resources, community relations impact, support in past years and other factors.

It is important to begin your request at least 60 days in advance of your scheduled event in order to allow enough time for all the coordination to be made. No requests submitted within 35 days of your event will be considered.

Media Relations

Media Relations is one of the primary means for achieving the Public Affairs core competencies of Airman morale and readiness, public trust and support and global influence and deterrence.

Public Affairs works with the news media to provide interviews, coordinate visits and to respond to queries. We seek every opportunity to tell the 142nd Wing story by reaching the public through local, regional and national news media organizations.

142nd Wing Public Affairs
6801 NE Cornfoot Rd.,
Portland, OR 97218
Contact: 503-335-4104 / DSN 638-4104
Email: 142PA

Hometown News

Hometown News Release

Help tell the good news that takes place in the 142nd Wing. The Hometown News Release Program allows for individual service members to inform their communities of their personal military accomplishments.

Each year over 500,000 individual news releases are distributed to the 14,000 newspapers, television and radio stations with this service. Through the Hometown News Release Form, events such as promotions, awards, or any significant reassignments are all good examples to be used with this free service.

Filling out the form is very basic and easy. Once completed, the form should be sent to our Public Affairs Office.

From there, the release form will be distributed to your local media outlets.

Work Order Requests

For official studio and other requests, please fill out a multimedia work order form 833 and send to