Wing Contact



SAPR Program Manager

Bldg 355

☎ DSN 638-4959

☎ Commercial (503) 335-4959

142 WG SAPR Helpline: 971-806-4054


142nd Wing Victim Advocate

☎ Work cell (971) 940-6122


DoD SAFE HELPLINE: (877) 995-5247

Texting:  (*55-247)

Texting outside the US (202-470-5546)


AF Vision:

Establish a national benchmark for recovery and eliminate sexual assault through empowered & engaged airmen.


AF Force SAPR Mission:

The day-to-day mission of the Air force Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Office is to educate, advocate, and collaborate to respond to and stop sexual assault and its harmful effects on the Air Force.


Empowering Survivors:

Restricted Reports: Filing a restricted report will not initiate an investigation.

Expedited Transfer: The victim may request to be transferred from their current unit of assignment.

Non-Rated Period: Victims may elect to have a non-rated period.

Non-Medical Escorts: Victims may have an Air Force-funded escort to trial and testimony for emotional support.