Wing Psychological Health Director


Director of Psychological Health

142nd Wing, Bldg 355

Oregon Air National Guard

Office: (503) 335-5706



24-Hour MILITARY CRISIS LINE: 1-800-273-8255 |Text: 838255

Email: MilitaryCrisisLine.Net

Psychological Health Services

Any member of the ANG can meet with the Director of Psychological Health-DSG, AGR or any other status. Referrals to the Director of Psychological Health can be from Airman themselves, recommendation or referral from Command, a Wingman suggestion, family member or outside agency. The program is fully voluntary.

The DPH's primary role is to help the Airman identify their immediate needs, provide evaluation, recommendation and referrals for psychological concerns. The DPH can provide short-term, counseling with the member, with couples or with families. Probably the most critical role is that of case-manager. With permission, the DPH role is to keep in contact with the Airman and assure they keep appointments or remain in treatment. The goal is that the needs of the Airman are met until the issue is fully resolved.

All contact with the Director of Psychological Health is confidential unless there is the typical Duty to Warn situations: Danger to self, others, child/elder or vulnerable adult abuse. Records are kept with DPH only and no portion of records become part of an Airman's medical chart for the military unless it is released by the member to do so.

The DPH program is fully-funded and is at no cost to the Airman!