142nd Equal Opportunity Office

To build strong cohesive teams and to pursue mission readiness by developing and maximizing the personal potential of all members of the fighter wing.

To report any allegations of unlawful discrimination or sexual harassment, you may contact the EO office and anonymous reporting is available.

Equal Opportunity Purpose and Mission

The 142nd Wing Equal Opportunity (EO) program improves mission effectiveness by maintaining an inclusive environment free from personal, social, or institutional barriers that prevent members from rising to the highest level of responsibility based on an evaluation of merit, fitness, capability, and performance.


EO is the wing commander's program that assists personnel at every level to eliminate potential barriers to equal opportunity that may adversely affect the behavior, health, or duty performance of members.


The EO staff serves as a valuable resource to all members and provides: assistance with alternative dispute resolution/mediation, unit climate assessments, Human Relations Education (HRE) training, referrals to outside resources when necessary, as well as complaint management and clarification for members who feel they have experienced unlawful discrimination or sexual harassment.


The basis of discrimination categories that fall under EO purview are:  Race, Color, National Origin, Religion, Sex and Sexual Orientation.


The EO Office has limited confidentiality when receiving information on discrimination or sexual harassment.

Additional Avenues


While we encourage utilizing the chain of command if you feel comfortable, or our local EO office, if you’d prefer, you may also contact our State Equal Employment Manager (SEEM) and anonymous reporting is available.  You may use the QR code, this website, or the contact info below.  Upon receiving a contact:

1. The SEEM will review for the EO or EEO purview. If not within our programs, the SEEM will conduct the No Wrong Door warm handoff to the other services.

2. If within our programs, the SEEM will refer it to local EO offices for case processing, tracking, and follow up.

3. Our offices execute the programs IAW applicable AR, DAFI’s, and the CNGBM/I 9601.01 and Interim CNGBM/I 9601.01 Guidance.


State Equal Employment Manager

Oregon National Guard

Office: (971) 355-2858

EO/ EEO Hotline: (971) 303-1275


EO Staff


Equal Opportunity Hotline:

(503) 451-0623