The Retention Office provides customer service in several areas including:

  • Montgomery GI Bill (MGIB) qualification, application and transferability for Post 9/11 MGIB benefits
  • Chapter 30 and Chapter 1606 MGIB qualification, application
  • Enlistment/Accession & Reenlistment Cash Incentive Program. Depending on current FY Operational Guidance this may include Enlisted and Officer programs for various AFSCs

Career planning, cross-training, and Unit Career Advisor training

education benefits

Oregon State Tuition Assistance (ONGSTA)

  • To provide funding for tuition, at in-state residency rates, for Oregon community colleges (up to 90 credits) and public universities (up to 180 credits) for current Oregon National Guard members
  • For eligibility and application requirements see:
  • Wing POC is Base Education and Training Office - (503) 335-4050

 Montgomery GI Bill

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