Welcome to the 142nd Wing


Congratulations on making the decision to serve your country and community!


You are the Wing’s next generation of leaders! You are now part of a tradition of excellence, integrity, service and honor: Be proud! Whether you are here for the next six years, or the next 20, we are excited to see where your career takes you, as well as rejoice in all of the incredible things you are bound to accomplish as a member of our team. 


While you are awaiting Basic Military Training (BMT), you will be assigned to Student Flight during Regularly Scheduled Drill weekends (RSDs). During your time in Student Flight, you will be given tools, training and knowledge that will help prepare you to successfully complete BMT, as well as introduce you to military life. Welcome, "Airman," to the Oregon Air National Guard. Thank you for your service. 

General Information

Student Flight meets every Saturday of drill in the LGRX room located on the outside NE corner of Bldg 170. Please e-mail us at 142.WG.STUDENT-FLIGHT.Org@us.af.mil before drill weekend with a short introduction and get the latest information on our class schedule. Note: You must report to your unit prior to reporting to class.

Student Flight Tips

  • Uniform will be business casual – no graphic t-shirts/sweatshirts or torn jeans
  • Students must adhere to AF36-2903 grooming standards
  • Bring a set of PT (physical training/gym) gear to change into and a bottle of water for group workouts
  • Complete your E-Quip as soon as you receive it from your recruiter or you will have delays in your in-processing and getting a date for Basic Military Training
  • Start memorizing the Airman’s Creed, Air Force Song, the Air Force Core Values and the Air Force Rank Structure