Hawaii Civil Engineer Guardsmen Conduct Training at PANG

  • Published
  • By Master Sgt. Steph Sawyer
  • 142nd Wing/Public Affairs

For two weeks in August, the Hawaii Air National Guard (HIANG) set to work on two projects at Portland Air National Guard Base (PANG) for the 142nd Wing.

The projects were accomplished by the Hawaii Air Guardsmen as an opportunity designed to increase readiness while allowing participants to network and build positive working relationships with other units.

The Guardsmen constructed a wall, a blank slate for what will eventually become a memorial wall, on PANG’s parade field. In addition to the wall, the team laid the foundation for a recruiting sign which will face oncoming traffic on Cornfoot road.

Master Sgt. Roy Moriyasu is the senior enlisted leader in charge of the team of eight Guardsmen from two different units, the 292nd Combat Communication Squadron based in Maui and the 154th Civil Engineer Squadron based in Honolulu. All of the Guardsmen on the team have background experience and qualifications in engineering, construction, and the like.

Moriyasu has overseen and participated in past training on PANG to include the construction of a sidewalk for maintenance, painting parking stripes, and building the foundations for several static displays on base. Moriyasu says this training is invaluable to his team.

“It’s not only technical training, but also more mentoring, guidance with how to run projects, foresee things, [and] work with different members of the Guard so they can work anywhere with anybody,” said Moriyasu.

Prior to and throughout the execution of these projects, the 142nd Wing’s civil engineers helped to facilitate and expedite processes for the HIANG. The teams work together to overcome obstacles and ensure overall mission success.

“Support from [PANG] CE has been awesome,” said Moriyasu. “They’ve really been supporting us with any needs we have.”

In addition to the hands-on training opportunity this mission provided, participants also gained some quality time with team members.

HIANG Tech. Sgt. Matthew Calibuso said that for many traditional Guardsmen, exercises like these are rare opportunities to get to really know their fellow Guardsmen.

“It’s good team-building, especially for our shop,” said Calibuso. “When you spend a lot of time with people that you don’t usually spend a lot of time with, you get to learn their tendencies and their pet peeves…which further along the line makes you a better team.”

The Guardsmen wrapped up their work as the projects reached full completion on Wednesday, August 17.