The 142nd Fighter Wing complete Combined Unit Exercise

  • Published
  • By Tech. Sgt. John Hughel
  • 142nd Fighter Wing
Citizen Airmen the 142nd Fighter Wing completed their second in a series of Combined Unit Exercise' s at the Portland Air National Guard Base, Portland, Ore., from Jan. 11-13.

The CUE training prepares the members and the air base for the unit's upcoming Combined Unit Inspection scheduled later in the summer.

Combined Unit Inspections are mandated by the Air Force to evaluate and measure the ability of a unit and their members in wartime, contingency, or force sustainment missions in a deployed environment.

The long weekend of preparation marked the second of four scheduled CUE training periods for the 142nd Fighter Wing. During the exercise, Airmen had their gear ready and available to use in a moment's notice.

Some of the mandatory items that needed to be with each member during the weekend included a gas mask, protective chemical suit, reflective belt, helmet and web gear, and of course the latest edition of the Airman's Manual.

In addition to having all necessary equipment and knowing how to use it, exercise players will still be required to take hands on training and update their computer training completed prior to this summer's inspection.

Training in medical care, explosive devices, chemical attacks and different alarm signals, are just a few of the required testing that will preparing the 142nd Airmen to function in a war-zone environment.

The operational phase of this combined unit exercise will test Airmen's ability to work in a simulated deployed environment after having arrived in large numbers from their home base.

Airmen should be well prepared to have their required training put to test in different scenarios and perform under pressure as if in a real combat environment. A CUE prepares personnel for what to expect down range.

Having adequate training and knowledge are important in a CUE/CUE, as well as having good leadership and a positive attitude for the long hours of training.

CUE training will continue for the 142nd Fighter Wing every-other month until the readiness inspection in July.