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116th Air Control Squadron

Oregon Air National Guard's 116th Air Control Squadron (ACS), located at Camp Rilea, Warrenton, Oregon, is a deployable radar/communications unit with superior mobility and response to global and local missions. The Unit is comprised of 185 members who support Air Control and Combat Communications.

The operational mission of a CRC is to provide the Joint/Combined Forces Air Component Commander (J/CFACC) with the means to direct and execute air operations. The CRC provides the Air and Space Operations Center (AOC) the primary interface for centralized command of BMC2 agencies from all the services contributing to the air campaign plan. The CRC may be responsible for: battle management, surveillance, weapons control, combat airspace management and data link management.

The 116th Aircraft Control Squadron was constituted and allotted to the
National Guard effective May 24, 1946. The 116th Aircraft Control Squadron
was authorized to organize at Marietta AAB, Georgia on July 8, 1946 and
was assigned to the 154th Aircraft Control and Warning Group.

On 3 January 1951 the unit was notified it would be re-designated and reorganized as the 116th Aircraft Control
and Warning Squadron (Tactical) effective after 18 January 1951. The unit was activated on January 8, 1951
as the 116th Aircraft Control Squadron. A station change followed, January 1951, to Sewart Air Force Base, Tennessee. Re-designated and reorganized as the 116th Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron (Tactical)
and assigned to the 154th Aircraft Control and Warning Group (Tactical) occurred on 5 February 1951.

The unit was alerted for Permanent Change of Station (PCS) to Casablanca, French Morocco on August 20, 1951. The unit was relieved from active military service, less personnel and equipment, and returned to National Guard Bureau control on October 8, 1952. The 116th Tactical Control Squadron was constituted and allotted to station at Portland ANG Base, Ore., in May 1971, and assigned to the 153rd Tactical Control Group. Federal recognition was received on June 9, 1971. The unit was reassigned to the 154th Tactical Control Group effective April 1, 1976. The unit moved to Camp Rilea, Warrenton, Ore., on September 19, 1988 and was designated 116th Tactical Control Squadron effective October 15, 1988. The unit designation changed to the 116th Air Control Squadron (ACS) effective June 16, 1992. The 116th has been deployed more than any other Oregon Air National Guard Unit since 9/11 having supported numerous operations including Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan.

Training Air Battle Managers and Weapons Directors are trained to maintain the sovereignty of the skies wherever and whenever the Air Force deploys. They skillfully manage the flow of aircraft for a variety of missions to include air strikes, interdiction, airborne refueling, reconnaissance, search and rescue, transport, and dogfights. The constant vigilance helps them to maintain the safety of the pilots on all manner of aircraft. Further, the 116th is also responsible for training highly skilled personnel in information technology, radar transmissions and maintenance, power supplies, communications, vehicle maintenance, HVAC, data link management, surveillance, and emissions control.