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Fly Over Request

Flyover Request Checklist

Following are steps required to request a flyover. Approval from the Secretary of the Air Force Public Affairs (SAF/PA) is required for all public aerial event requests. A completed DD Form 2535 is required by the regulations governing public affairs and flying operations for the Department of Defense.

To increase the likelihood of the approval of your request, the sooner you submit your request for a flyover, the better. We recommend you submit your request no less than 60 days prior to your event. SAF/PA requests 45 days prior notice. Requests received less than 21days from an event date will not be considered.

Once SAF/PA approves your eligibility, we will initiate the process of getting local/Wing Commander Approval. Please follow the instructions below to begin the process of officially submitting your request.

1. Go to at http://www.airshows.pa.hq.af.mil/ to begin the flyover request process. Please follow the instructions on the SAF/PA website to fill out the online form.

2. Print your completed DD2535 and obtain signatures for blocks 2d (City Official) and 25a (President/Chairman of sponsoring organization) as described in the on-line instructions.

3. Upon completion of these requirements, fax the signed DD2535 to the FAA for approval (503) 615-3300. (If you have further questions for the FAA, you may contact them at (503)615-3260/3227.)

4. Expect up to three weeks for approval from the FAA (step 3).

5. FAA will return approved DD2535 -- Fax this approved DD2535 to SAF/PA for approval (703) 693-9601. (If you have questions, you may contact them at (703) 695-9664 or 695-9776.

6. Approximately two weeks after you have faxed your completed DD2535 to SAF/PA they will contact you via e-mail regarding your eligibility.

7. Once eligible, send us an e-mail at 142FW.PA@ang.af.mil letting us know your request is approved.

8. In order for us to begin the process of local approval and scheduling your flyover, we require the following information as soon as possible (no less than 2 ½ weeks prior to your scheduled event).
a. Name of Event
b. Date of Event
c. Point of Contact for Event:
d. Primary Phone Number
e. Secondary Phone Number
f. 30 minute window requested for flyover
g. Preferred direction of flyover (If you would like for our jets to approach your event from a certain direction, please let us know. Example from North to South...)

9. Approximately a week prior to your event, we will contact you with an expected flyover time. In addition, we will send out a media advisory announcing your scheduled flyover.

Notes on "Military Participation"
In order to better assist you in planning your event we have compiled a list of available Air Force assets that you may want to incorporate into your day. Your local or National public affairs office will also be able to assist you with any ideas you have and will be able to provide you appropriate participants, scripting and the tools you need for a successful event.

- Uniformed Airmen who are on hand to speak with guests and share their stories. Set-ups can include a table and chair on the concourse or within the venue, or for larger areas our recruiters have both local and national displays they may be able to bring. For additional information on recruiting please visit: http://www.airforce.com/

DEP Swearing-in Ceremony:
- A group of young men and women take their Oath of Enlistment to serve in the Air Force. The group could be anywhere from 5-25 people, depending on how many are located in the local area and every youth is scheduled to enter the Air Force.

USAF Honor Guard / Drill Team:
- This is the premier drill team for the USAF. They are headquartered near Washington DC and travel giving drill performances across the nation. It truly is a spectacular site / show - lasting approx. 10-15 minutes where they spin and throw rifles during a highly precise and choreographed performance.

- For more information visit the following site: http://www.honorguard.af.mil/drillteam/

- Following the performance, the team may interact with the public, pass out photos and sign autographs.

National Anthem:
- Several Options available for the National Anthem
o One uniformed Airman sing the National Anthem
o Air Force Band - We have several Air Force and Air National Guard bands located around the country that may be available to perform during your event. Additional information on available bands, the type of music they play and where they are located may be found at: http://www.bands.af.mil/bands/

Band Participation:
- In addition to the National Anthem, an Air Force Band may be available to provide pre-game and/or halftime entertainment.

- Band size and requirements differ but most can be adjusted to best fit your event.

Color Guard:
- Presents the Colors during the National Anthem
- To schedule a color guard please work with your local base or Air Force representative

Medal Ceremonies
- Those Airmen who have been recently awarded military medals such as the Purple Heart, Air Force Combat Medal and more may be officially recognized in a brief ceremony during a pre-game ceremony or intermission of your event. Your local base is available to assist you in setting this up.

- 1 - 4 aircraft of like type flying over the event at the end of the National Anthem or an equally patriotic portion of the event.

- Pilot introductions or video messages may be inserted into various points of the event.

- To schedule a flyover please visit: www.airshows.pa.hq.af.mil

Miscellaneous Elements:
- Airmen recognition during pauses in the events.
- Shout-Outs (Jumbotron Video Messages from deployed Airmen). These messages are typically pre-recorded prior several weeks prior to the game
- Tickets for Airmen to attend in uniform as a group
- Have a top Senior Leader or Wounded Warrior provide a pep talk to the team prior to
the event.
- Provide media opportunities
o Airmen interviews
o Flyover coverage
o Mini documentary on Air Force involvement with the event

Sport Specifics:
- First Pitch:
o A local Wounded Warrior/Purple Heart recipient can open the game by throwing out the first pitch

- Starting Nine:
o We have had both kids of deployed Airmen and recently returned Airmen/Medal Winners that walk out on the field and take one of the nine starting positions with each of the starters for that day. The participants are quickly introduced and then exit the field - it is sometimes easier with Airmen then with children

- God Bless America - 7th Inning Home Stretch
o A uniformed singer or small group of singers from one of the bands listed above.

- Coin Toss Observer:
o A local Airman is invited to stand in the circle during the coin toss.

Basketball, Hockey, Soccer
- Present Game Ball
o The Airmen would deliver the game ball or puck to the starting referee for the evening

- Stage Recognition
o During the driver announcements, there are opportunities to recognize an Airman or an Airman's family.
- Green Flag/Checkered Flag
o An Airman could waive the starting or checkered flag during the race