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142nd Fighter Wing: Mission Readiness Priorities

  1. Pride in Ownership:
    We will commit ourselves to the highest levels of professionalism, integrity, and quality in the performance of our State and Federal Mission. 
  2. Take Care of Our People:
    We will fully support our airmen, employees, and families through trust, teamwork, customer focus,
    and effective leadership.
  3. Personnel Readiness:
    We will recruit and retain a ready force that meets all
    personnel standards. 
  4. DAFSC:
    We will ensure that our airmen are qualified in their
    duty assignments.
  5. Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Employment :
    We will assure that women and minorities are appropriately represented at every level within the force through affirmative recruitment and career development 
  6. Training:
    We will make training the glue that binds the Oregon Air National Guard into a cohesive and effective force.
  7. Health/Safety/Environmental:
    We will be good stewards of our people and resources.
  8. Adding Value:
    We will expand our involvement in programs that support our state and it's communities. We will tell the Guard story.