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  • What’s in a Number Anyway? The Origins of the 142nd Fighter Wing

    A numerical designation is a primary means of identifying a given military unit.  The 142nd Fighter Wing of the Oregon Air National Guard is no different and the two organizations have come to be associated with each other ever since 24 May 1946, seventy years ago.But on that Friday 70 years ago,

  • And Elk Too? The Oregon ANG in Operation Haylift, 1949

    In the winter of 1948-1949, severe cold weather conditions gripped the western United States, threatening man and beast alike with epic amounts of snowfall and chilling temperatures.In order to help herds of stranded livestock survive, a number of Air National Guard units answered requests in a

  • Kriegie on the Move: The POW Experience of Luther P. Canup

    April 9th is the annual observance of National Former Prisoner of War (POW) Recognition Day, when we remember the service and sacrifice of our servicemen and women who were prisoners of war.The 142nd Fighter Wing historical record indicates that it has both Second World War and Korean War former

  • The Birth Pangs of Portland ANG Base - Part I: Origins

    Portland Air National Guard Base celebrates its 75th anniversary this year as a military aviation installation.   This article is the first in a series commemorating the earliest history of the base.The clacking keys on a borrowed manual typewriter in the Army Corps of Engineers field office at the

  • Top military cyclist trains for two callings

    With endurance cycling, nearly every part of the sport is tough; from the demands of distance and the quality of the competitors, to changing natural elements on any given day.For Tech. Sgt. Dwayne Farr, those difficulties pale in comparison with splitting his time between the compulsory grind of

  • Chief Jean Allen: Wingman, Air Force spouse and mom

    Its early and still dark on Oct. 4, as a handful of Airmen arrive to a dimly-lit warehouse here on base for their monthly Honor Guard training.  As they wander in the door and shake off the early fall chill, they are greeted with hot coffee and a warm smile from Chief Master Sgt. Jean Allen, the

  • First Time at William Tell

    The year was 1307.  A legendary Swiss crossbowman by the name of William Tell offended a local lord named Gessler, who took offense when Tell failed to bow before his hat.  Tell was punished by the petty lord with a choice, either he and his son would be executed, or if he wished, he could try and

  • Remembering the OreANG's Vietnam Veterans

    On this Veterans Day, 2015, we remember all the men and women who served and who serve our nation in the armed forces.  This year we pay special attention to our Vietnam War veterans, marking the 50th anniversary of major US involvement in Southeast Asia from 1965 and the 40th anniversary of the end